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Daddy, Me & the Beatles

When I turned 8 years old my daddy bought me a record player. He decided I was educated enough by then to start listening to music I liked. He took me to a variety store and gave me a dollar bill & told me to buy me all the 45's I could with the money. I protested a bit slightly confused I didn't know what he would let me have. He was always very strict about music, if it wasn't to his liking he wouldn't let me listen to it. So needless to say I was a little bit scared to pick out the music I really liked because I didn't want to displease him. However he convinced me he would not get mad at me that he would only tell me if he didn't like it. He knew I had been listening to the radio so he knew I probably had some favorites, he was just curious what I would buy. At that time you could get 20 - 45 records - for $1.00. Some of the records I picked out were: Fabian-(Lend Me Your Comb), Beach Boys, Dion, Bobby Vinton, Paul & Paula, Bobby Vee, Bobby Darin, Ray Charles, Connie Francis, Temptations, Four Tops, Sam Cooke, Chubby Checker, some of the songs were: Wolvertine Mountain, Purple People Eater & one was a gospel song called 'On the Wings of a Dove'. When we got home daddy stayed in the other room while I played my new records. When I got through & he came into the room. He was genuinely satisfied with all my selections, boy was I proud!

The big trial came right before my daddy died in 1964, the Beatles had appeared on the Ed Sullivan Show & everyone was a Beatle fan, including me & in a real strong way. I had every Beatle picture, card, magazine & record that I could get my hands on. Before daddy knew it I had a Beatle album. At first he got kinda upset because he didn't really know if he wanted me to hear their music or not! He informed me that he was gonna listen to the album & if he didn't think I should listen to it, he would throw it away. I got so upset, I just knew he was gonna throw my album away! Anyway he assured me he would be real fair about it & if he didn't think I should listen to it he would explain to me why, that made me feel a little bit better but I was still afraid he wouldn't like it. The next day I went to my girlfriends house & daddy called over there & said he was gonna pick us up to go shopping. We got so excited, that was not something that happened every day, little did I know what he was about to do. He pulled up, we ran outside got into the car and daddy hands me a $5 bill and says "Here, go buy you one of those ol' Beatle records"! You cannot believe my joy. Come to find out, daddy had done his investgative work on the group and found out they had been influenced by the Everly Brothers which in turn had been influenced by my daddy and uncle. He also had really listened to their music and was very impressed! I was so proud because they were my very favorite group. When my daddy passed away, their music helped me with my great loss. I never did get to see them perform together, but I did get to see Ringo when he performed a concert in Huntsville, AL. I was not disappointed. He could still Rock after all those years. He had an All-Star band with him, Billy Preston & his son Zack on the drums. I will never forget that wonderful concert! My husband even caught me a towel from one of the band members that was thrown in the crowd. I felt like I was 12 years old all over again!

I love this story about the Beatles, I wish I had written it many years ago, I would love for all of them to have known how much my daddy was impressed by them & their talent!

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