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I am really proud to have known and been a friend to Mr. (Alton) Delmore. I was too young and unlearned to appreciate who he was; maybe thats why we had such a cordial friendship. I will always remember him as a kind, articulate , and soft spoken person.

Once, when I was visiting for a guitar lesson, he (for the only time I recall), took his fine CF Martin flattop from it's case and asked ME to critique some of his songs!! He handed me a magazine of some sort and told me to just browse and listen,and being the modest man that he was, he emphasized that he was "not being egotistical". He proceeded to sing and pick some songs from a large notebook of songs; some were his widely known songs and some that had not at that time been published. After each song he would ask,"how was that?", or maybe "how did that song make you feel"?, and I would respond with something like " I don't know", or maybe " I liked it ok"; he would come back with " you're doing fine, just stay relaxed and keep listening. He became upbeat and happier than at any other time I recall, and looking back, I guess it was because he was getting an honest and unbiased feedback from a boy who did not really know that he was a famous entertainer. He went through several and then his last one was a song he had penned called "Southern Moon", and that song held my complete attention from start to finish. Then he looked at me and asked, "well, Terry Dean, how about that one?", and the gist of my reply was that it was the most thought provoking song that I had ever heard. He stood up, smacked his hands together and said, "Terry Dean, that is exactly the response I'm looking for"!!. It must have been one of his favorites and it is definitely one of my favorite songs. Just for my own entertainment I have have put it on tape with self backed harmony.

That was over forty years ago and I still remember the exact words of that song.. In early 1964, when I was stationed in Germany. he was to send me a hand typed copy of that song along with a personal note of friendship. That was just a few short months before his passing in June of ' 64. I kept that letter for 35 or 36 years in my bible, and although it meant a great deal to me sentimentally, I knew it would mean even more to you, his daughter, so, as you will remember, I passed it along to you some 1 to 2 years back.

Thanks for your time; your friend,

Terry Dean Moorehead

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