Daddy, Me & the Beatles
Meeting Bob Dylan
Meeting Garth Brooks
Country Boys
Southern Moon
WMC Radio
On Stage
Duckhead Postcard
1946 Billboard Magazine Ad
Alton's Navy Years
Thelma and Nola Delmore
Alton & His Bride
A Star for the Delmores'
WIBC - Indianapolis - 1945
WSM Radio
Early Career Picture
Alton, the Daddy
Mother of The Delmore Brothers
Delmores' with Uncle Dave Macon
Just 'a fishin'
Debby & AMHoF Trophy

Mary Delmore - Mother of The Delmores'

Alton (left), his mother Mary (center) and Debby Delmore

Alton's mother was his first musical teacher. She taught him at a very young age to read musical notes. At the age of 13 Alton wrote with his mother a wonderful gospel song "Bound for the Shore", which was published.

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