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Meeting Garth Brooks

Yes, it's true I've met Garth Brooks. It was in a very interesting way which was very amusing to all that seen it. This is just another way in which you know God has a very special sense of humor!

It began with a dream I had about a song which was written by my father & brother. The name of the song is 'Wild Streak'. It's a very strong song about a traumatic true story. A young boy was drinking & driving, ended up running a stop sign, & some people were killed. The boy not only ruined his life but also caused other people to die. My daddy was so upset when he heard the bad news that he sit down & wrote a song (along with my brother Lionel) about the situation. It was written as if a evil spirit was crying out for help. I was just a little girl but I remember vividly when they wrote the song. It will absolutely capitivate you plus give you chills when you hear it. I hope someday, someone strong enough will record it. But anyway years went by and several years ago I had a dream about the song & that Garth Brooks was singing it! I woke up in amazement about the dream & knew that somehow I had to at least try to get it recorded, but in my mind the only person that could do the song & get by it since it was so strong was Garth Brooks!

I first told my brother about the idea & he agreed with me. He said if I would make him a tape he would get it to Garth, he knew Garth & also lots of music people (as I call them) that were close to him. At the time, Garth was doing the Chris Gaines album so Lionel didn't think it was good timing so he didn't try. I still was determined to get him the song since my dream was still was strong on my mind. I made up several tapes just in case I might by going to some event where I would have the opportunity to give it to the right person. Well believe it or not such an event did come up. It was the Songwriters Hall of Fame Banquet. It was the year Allen Reynolds got inducted. He's a close friend & music associate to Garth! My husband, sister, brother-in-law & our publisher, Sherry Bond were with me that night. No one suspected what the highlight of the evening was gonna be, until Garth Brooks showed up at the back of the room & walked up to the stage and performed a mini concert for his good buddy. You can't imagine how shocked everyone in the room was! Especially me, the minute I saw him I knew what I was gonna do & quickly asked Sherry if it was OK. She told me yes, do it. What I wanted to do was to get to talk to Garth about my dream song. I told Sherry to give me the sign when to get up & I informed my husband that I wanted him to run interference between me, Garth & everyone else! I meant for him to not let anyone interfere with my planned conversation with Garth!

Sure enough when Garth started offstage Sherry gave me the go ahead signal, I told my husband to go & there we went straight for Garth. I had on high heels but that didn't stop me, it was like I was running on air. God again was there by my side. Anyway I got straight to Garth, told him who I was (he knew who my daddy & uncle was & he also knew my brother) then I preceded to tell him I had tried to get a song to him for 3 years but was unable to succeed, not knowing what else to do I held him by the shoulders & sang the first verse of the song. By then Allen went on stage to accept his award. Garth gently took me by the hand & held it until Allen was through with his speech. He turned to me and said "I want that song". I said "How do I get it to you?" He gave me an address & also a couple of names one being Allen Reynolds. I told him at the time "If you don't get the song please promise me you'll try on your end to get it.' He told me he would. I also asked him not to tell my brother about what I had done. I didn't think Lionel would like me pitching a song to him in that way especially singing the first verse of it. Garth quickly agreed & said it was cool he wouldn't tell Lionel.

I'm sorry to say he hasn't recorded it YET. I don't even know if he's heard it or if he even remembers the song, but it's hard to believe he can't remember a person coming up & pitching a song to him by singing it!

Even if the song never gets recorded I'll always have the wonderful memory of Garth & his graciousness. Not only did I surprise myself by what I did, my husband could not believe it! He is usually the one to do crazy things, but all I can say is that I learned from him, if you desire something bad enough you can't be bashful!

Since that meeting I had the chance to see Garth again, this time I was ready with a tape & the story I had written about our encounter.

He graciously took the tape & hopefully he will consider recording the song.

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