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Meeting Bob Dylan

One of the most wonderful moments in my life is when I met Bob Dylan.

To me it was very spiritual because the meeting was heaven sent.

Several years before meeting him, I read in the Chicago Tribune a quote from him being "The Delmore Brothers, God, I really loved them! I think they've influenced every harmony I've ever tried to sing."

The quote meant so much to me that I put it on the front cover of a brochure I was doing about my daddy & uncle. They would have been so proud to receive credit from him.

I found out that he was coming to town & I asked my sister if she wanted to go to the concert & of course she did, so we bought tickets. Then I got the idea to see if we could get him a 'Delmore Brothers Package' which included, a tape of a 2 hr. radio special about the Delmore Brothers Music, a copy of daddy's book, stories, pictures, a letter from me in case I didn't get to meet him & a copy of the brochure I had done with his quote on the front cover.

I got in touch with his management company to see how to get this information to him & was told that not only would he really appreciate the package but that he would also like to meet the Delmore Family. Also they provided us with free tickets! I was given a contact name to ask for the night of the concert & was told that we were gonna to have a meeting with Bob backstage! This is also a event I will never forget. When we were escorted backstage by his road manager, he introduced us to all the band members & assistants. They all were impressed, I will never forget that feeling, simply because we were the family of the Delmore Brothers they all were excited to meet us! They took us into a room that had all kinds of wonderful refreshments to eat & drink. They told us to make ourselves at home that Bob would be in to see us very soon. The band members came in first & they were so cool and made us feel like family. They told us that "Bob would be in a very good mood tonight because of getting to meet the Delmore Family." I'll say right now that I've met alot of stars & none has every made me feel so special! Finally the moment came for him to come in & I got the thought in my head, 'what if he doesn't like me using his quote on the brochure', but that thought went straight away when I say him. My sister first talked to him & then it was my turn. I handed him the package, showed him the brochure with his quote & then gave him the letter I had written him in case I didn't get to meet him. He looked at it and said "This is wonderful", he then put his hand on my arm & hugged me & said "I'm taking this to the bus myself so I won't lose it." He promptly walked to his bus & personally put it up. My husband walked with him & his road manager. There were some people that tried to speak to him as he was going to put up the package I had given him & he asked them to wait that he would be right back. That act impressed me more that I can say!

One thing I regret is not having a picture made with him. I had heard that he didn't like his picture made & I respected his wishes.

However that didn't stop a photographer that I worked with sneaking a picture of him to put into the paper. The photographer had tried to persuade me to take a picture from my seat & I refused, then he tried to get me to let him sit in my seat & he take the picture, again I refused. Finally the last I seen of him was taking a picture & getting run out of the Civic Center by a guard! The newspaper I worked for had his picture on the front page the next morning & a wonderful review. I wanted to send it to him but didn't want to offend him by the picture being printed.

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